Student #1

"The thing I like best about the program is that there is no perfect answer, we have to work it out. The teacher is learning with us as well. This is different to all the other lessons we have."

Student #2

"It was really interesting being interviewed by the people from BAE systems about our boat. They were very specific with their questions and I felt like I was working for them. At first I didn't like it but then I realised that this is how it must be when you a working. That's cool."


Student #1 

"I wasn't sure what to expect. I think I expected to learn more about Science and Engineering. But what we learnt was amazing. We learnt life skills, how to set goals, manage money and so much more. I really enjoyed meeting all the STEM professionals. They were real people with very interesting STEM Careers."

Student #2

"In my time during the STEM Sista mentor program, I learnt so much, changed as a person and enjoyed every moment of it at the same time.

I really enjoyed having the guest speakers talk about what they have experienced and what they still do today and believe that it was one of the best parts of the program. 

What has impacted me the most are all of the models we learnt and the quotes that were told/used.

At the start of the program, I had no idea what I wanted to be and do after high school. Since the program introduced me to a wide range of possible STEM careers, I have become interested in Environmental Engineering. I plan to study (if I don't change my mind) Stage 2 Chemistry, Physics and Specialist Maths next year as I have already started Stage 1 Chemistry, Maths Methods and Physics this year.

I have changed how I manage my time, changed what I do in my time, written my goals (and remind myself of my goals every day), 

I have become more motivated and write in the diary that we were given when I can. I am going to/have begun to do different things such as planning my day, week and month, study each day for at least an hour (1-3 hours study per day), reward myself after studying and continually eliminate negative thoughts and keep away people who are always negative around/about me/others and what I do."

Student #3

"The Stem Sista course was amazing, I found each and every part truly helpful not only with how to manage time but in how I can change my learning and working habits. I thoroughly enjoyed the public speakers and being able to learn about how they were able to reach the point they are at now, I also enjoyed meeting all of the other girls and learning about each others career paths and goals. The entire 4 day course was amazing and i am so thankful i was able to be a part of it. 

Thank you again for the amazing experience."



"The C2C programs follow a specific process of design build test fix release, there is no set way to solve the program issues. We have to work it out ... together. I really enjoy watching them have the breakthrough!"


Teacher #1

"How do I sign up? You should have a STEM Sista / Teacher program!"

Teacher #2

"The girls thoroughly enjoyed the program and came back to school refreshed focused and more confident. What did you do on the course? They have all changes their subjects to Stem subjects for next year"



Parent #1

"I must admit I don't really take notice of the projects that Steven does at school. But coming here to the Expo and seeing what he was up to is fantastic. You can tell he put a lot of effort in with his classmates."


Parent #1

"I'm not sure what you did to her but I haven't had to tell her to do her homework, take the bins out or do the dishes once since she went on the course. It needs 2 weeks! She is curious about STEM career opportunities at my work (government). Thank you!"

Parent #2

"Our daughter absolutely loved the program, she came home every day buzzing from it. She particularly enjoyed the fact that it was a very adult learning environment, a total contrast from school and she really related to this approach.

The things that we have noticed since she has done the course are that she is much more confident in herself and her abilities. She has always been quite capable but now she actually believes in herself and she has seen the benefits of working hard to get where she wants to be.

She is also much more organised and has applied this to her school work, whereas before she would leave everything to the last minute, she is now much more proactive and plans her homework logically and gets it done ahead of time. Also she used to do the bare minimum to get a pass, now she is striving for better marks and putting the extra effort in to achieve better results. This has been proven with a marked improvement in all her grades this term (She got an academic award at the end of term).

With regards to improvements, I don’t think there are any that you can make. The program is excellent and we have seen a marked difference in her attitude and grades since she attended.

I think the STEM Sista program is a fantastic program and would really like to thank you for allowing her to attend it. It teaches the girls life skills and what is important for the adult world of work and to me that is invaluable and something they cannot get elsewhere.

You are doing a fantastic job, keep up the great work that you do, you really do make a difference to these girls lives."




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