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What do the real game-changers in the world have in common? They all have science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) as a background. People like Einstein, Marie Curie (pioneer of radioactivity research), Steve Jobs and more recently Elon Musk, (the founder of Tesla cars and Space X rockets), all used STEM to change the world. 

That’s what STEM Nation can help you strive for. We’ll unlock your unstoppable mind and take your interest in science, technology, engineering and maths to places you never thought possible.    

As a citizen of STEM Nation you’ll receive all the programs, support and, mentoring from industry leaders you need to turn your ideas into reality. You’ll connect with other students who share your passion and curiosity about how things work and how to create new things. 

If you believe you can change the world, we believe you.

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STEM Nation Ambassadors 

Nominate yourself for the opportunity to become a STEM Nation Ambassador. 

How would you like to assist in the promotion of STEM and STEM Nation in Australia? If you’re a past student of STEM Nation or even a current student with an interest in our nation’s future, nominate yourself to help lead Australia’s prosperity. 



STEM Nation programs and events

No matter what stage of education you’re at, STEM Nation has a program that will unleash your potential and fast track your success. 

STEM Sista/STEM Mista STEM Nation Fast Track STEM Talks



STEM Nation Planet (Coming Soon in 2018)

How would you like to visit NASA in the USA? The Hadron Collider in Switzerland? The headquarters of Nintendo in Japan? STEM Nation has a policy that to be the best, you have to mix with the best. If you’re going to be a STEM leader, you need to understand how the other leaders tick. These special experiences will let you see first hand the people and projects that are changing the world, hopefully inspiring you to do the same. 

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