Could your son or daughter be the next game changer?

STEM is a curriculum based on Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

Right now, Australia is lagging behind in these four critical areas. STEM Nation sees it as incredibly important that talented students in these four key disciplines are educated and encouraged, using a hands-on approach that connects directly to real-world industry applications. That’s the ‘what’

Australia’s critical need for advanced and high-tech STEM workers to meet the demands of an innovative and technological future, is the ‘why’.

But, a vital cog in STEM Nation’s world-leading, education process is having parents engaged and alongside their children, boosting their skills, confidence and, ultimately, career chances. STEM and parents - turning young talent into tomorrow’s global pioneers.

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STEM Sista/STEM Mista

STEM Sista and STEM Mista are programs developed to nurture boys and girls with an aptitude and interest in science, technology, engineering or manufacturing. This is especially important for girls who have traditionally been steered away from STEM based professions.    

If you have a son or daughter who displays great enthusiasm and talent in STEM subjects, this program will allow them to fully explore their potential. 

Who knows, you could have the next Steve Jobs or Marie Curie living under your roof.  Learn more here.

Real World Fast Track 

Do you have a talented son or daughter aged 19 to 24 who wants a STEM based career? Then this program is their launching pad. Led by Teresa Janowski, one of Australia’s most awarded and renowned STEM advocates, small groups of students will hear from and develop connections with industry leaders. They’ll develop the skills they’ll need in the real world. They’ll learn how to write a CV and apply for that life-changing career. They’ll develop a network of students with similar ideas and ambitions. In short, they’ll have an unfair advantage over their peers.  

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STEM industry ‘Speed dating’ 

This professional development program puts parents and teachers in direct contact with industry leaders and university academics. As a result, you will be better equipped to meet the needs of your children, and the people who will be hiring them. These events will give you the unique opportunity to meet with STEM leaders in a variety of industries, thereby making it easier to support your child's STEM education in a relevant and engaging way. 

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