To create a prosperous future, Australia must promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) based careers and innovation. STEM Nation’s role is to put Australia back on the world map by discovering and nurturing high school and university students who show talent in STEM subjects.

We want to give all young people, irrespective of their background or economic situation, the opportunity to become world-class, high value professionals and business leaders of tomorrow. Of course, we can’t do this alone.

We need the assistance of motivated educators, passionate parents, generous sponsors, enthusiastic industry partners and of course, equally inspired students.


Programs and services overview


STEM Sista / STEM Mista
(for students aged 14 to 18)

A mentoring program to help young people realise their potential in STEM based engineering professions, to improve professional and life skills such as; choosing correct subjects, applying for employment, owning a business and becoming an entrepreneur. See more.


C2C (concept to creation) programs 
(for primary and secondary students)

This program gives students the opportunity to complete a set project task all the way from the idea through to its manufacture and testing. Students work in groups to improve teamwork, develop leadership and their confidence. See more.


STEM Nation Fast Track
(for students aged 19 to 24)

A powerful, personalised mentoring program led by Teresa Janowski, perhaps Australia’s greatest and best-connected STEM advocate. Fast Track allows university students to develop the engineering skills required in the real world while connecting with industry leaders and like-minded students to fast-track their employability. See more.


STEM Nation Industry ‘SPEED DATING’
(for educators and parents)

Before a high school teacher can offer students STEM advice, they themselves must understand what universities and industry leaders are looking for. Speed dating enables teachers to connect with, and learn from, a number of industry leaders in the one place. See more.


STEM Talks (Coming Soon)
(for students, teachers, sponsors and parents)  

Providing inspiration and information in equal measure, these talks from overseas and Australian STEM industry leaders will ensure that we are all kept up to date on the latest achievements, news and views. See more.


(for women)

Do you want a taste of what the girls are learning in STEM Sista? Are you a STEM Sista's mum, aunt, older sister, or teacher and need to understand what the girls are talking about? Do you want to get a head start of goal setting, financial management and using the compound effect to direct your life?See more.


STEM Nation Planet. Incredible Experiences (coming soon)
(for women)

Inspiration is a great motivator, and what could be more inspirational than experiencing first hand the world’s greatest STEM achievements and achievers? Sponsor donations help students undertake life-changing excursions to places like NASA and the Hadron Collider in Switzerland. Keep informed about this program


STEM Nation Scholarships (Coming Soon)
(for students aged 18 to 21)  

Financial disadvantage shouldn’t put an end to a talented and ambitious student’s dream of a career in STEM. Thanks to donations from generous sponsors, these young men and women might one day become the next Steve Jobs or Marie Curie. Keep informed about this program